Volunteer Opportunites

Join our expert team of volunteers as we promote
the benefits of aquaponics worldwide.

We currently have the following openings for Committee Directors and staff. Committee Directors serve on the Board of Governors for the Association and attend Board meetings. Each Director is appointed by the Chairman and then approved by the Board. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Governors as a committee director, please click here.

We also have openings on all committees for volunteers for enthusiastic people that want to help.  To volunteer for any committee, please click on the committee of interest below and the chair of that committee will reach out to you and let you know what options there are.

Committees and Descriptions

Finance and Fundraising Committee – The AA is currently beginning the process to seek out grants and funding for the upcoming year. The Finance and Fundraising Committee will direct grant and funding pursuit. Please contact the Finance and Fundraising Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee of the AA will work closely with the Regional Director to help further develop the Region and Branch structure while also focusing on member services, recruitment and retention. Please contact the Membership Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Programs and Policies Committee –  This committee will administer the new Micro-Grant Program, publish the Association’s newsletter and direct other programs of the AA. This committee is also tasked with monitoring and implementing new policies of the organization. Please contact the Programs and Policies Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Health Committee – The Aquaponics Association Health Committee was created with a mission of disseminating health and science information related to aquaponics, aquaculture, “food as medicine”,  foodborne illness, food safety and nutrition.  More health committee members are needed for active participation. Please contact the Health Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Education Committee – The Education Committee is charged with developing a variety of curricular materials for K-12 classrooms and colleges, as well as education and information for the backyard hobbyist. Please contact the Education Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Food Safety Committee – The Food Safety Committee mission is to help develop good agricultural practices for aquaponic farming and to also overcome present food safety certification challenges for aquaponic farms. Please contact the Food Safety Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Conference Committee – The Conference Committee plans and presents the annual Aquaponincs Association conference, workshops, tours and membership meeting. Please contact the Conference Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Information Technology Committee – The IT Committee is tasked with directing and managing the Association’s mission and forward momentum through internet, eMail, and any other IT-related tasks. Please contact the IT Committee Director to volunteer on this committee.

Regions/Branches – This part is currently in the process of being revamped by the Association. Check back soon for more information.