Send an Organic Message to Congress

Send a message to your representatives that you support the NOSB’s decision to uphold aquaponics’ and hydroponics’ Organic eligibility

Click here for a Sample letter to Congress expressing support for the NOSB's Organic decision

Copy and paste to send them a message


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Putting Down Roots Photos


We had a great time in Portland, OR last week at the Putting Down Roots Conference. Here's a large group photo of everyone at the conference, and a photo of the presenters below.

Over 170 guests attended the full three-day conference, and over 50 more attended with single day passes. Over 10 countries were represented.

Stay tuned for content highlights from the conference, as well as an announcement for where we'll be in Fall 2018!


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NOSB Gives Organic Aquaponics the GREEN Light!

The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted 8 to 7 last week to reject proposals that would have banned aquaponics and hydroponics from organic eligibility. The Board did vote to ban aeroponics.

The Aquaponics Association applauds the NOSB’s decision. Aquaponics embodies exactly what consumers expect in their organic produce:

  1. No synthetic pesticides or chemicals;
  2. Resource-efficient and planet-friendly; and
  3. A thriving, diverse microbial root ecosystem.
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Aquaponic Soil Food Web


Ahead of the NOSB's vote on aquaponics' organic eligibility next week, remember that aquaponic systems have the same quantity and diversity of microorganisms as soil.

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Putting Down Roots Full Schedule

The aquaponics association has released the full Putting Down Roots schedule for the coming conference.

Click here for schedule: 2017 Putting Down Roots Schedule

PORTLAND, Oregon-- The Aquaponics Association will kick off Putting Downs Roots - the 2017 national aquaponics conference - on Friday, November 3 at the Red Lion Hotel Conference Center at Jantzen Beach.

The conference will feature three days of aquaponics tours, presentations, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations by the world's foremost aquaponics experts. 

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Aquaponics Association Calls on the NOSB to Retain Our Organic Eligibility

The Aquaponics Association submitted its official comment to the NOSB ahead of the Fall 2017 Meeting, at which it will vote on aquaponics' organic future. The Association will also deliver web comments later this month. Here is the state of the Association's Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic Coalition:

Aquaponics and Hydroponics Organic Coalition Comment for the Fall 2017 NOSB Meeting

The Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic Coalition recommends that the NOSB allow organic certification of aquaponic and hydroponic (AP/HP) farms that are compliant with USDA organic standards. These farming methods align with the organic mission and the integrity of the organic label stands much to gain by including them.

AP/HP are critical to improving the sustainability of our agricultural system, but revoking organic eligibility would move these industries backwards at a time we must foster their growth.

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Tentative Putting Down Roots Schedule

The Association has released a tentative schedule for the Putting Down Roots conference November 3-5 in Portland, Oregon.

Click here to see the Putting Down Roots Schedule

We're starting to get excited! 

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The NOSB Needs To Hear From Us ASAP

We all need to step up the pressure on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) ahead of the Fall 2017 Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida Oct 31 - Nov 2.
There is a distinct chance the NOSB may finally vote and officially revoke the organic eligibility of aquaponic production
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Tawnya's Experience With The National Organic Standards Board

By Tawnya Sawyer

The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) had their Spring 2017 meeting in April at the Denver Sheraton Conference Center (coincidently the same venue as the 2012 Aquaponic Association conference.) The panel of 16 board members had a lengthy agenda reviewing a variety of substances, different livestock management practices and a host of other important topics. Of major interest to our industry was the discussion related to the future of organic certification for hydroponics/aeroponics/aquaponics and greenhouse container growing.

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Putting Down Roots Content Highlights


What are Dr. Nick Savidov, Murray Hallam, and Angela Tenbroeck going to be talking about at the Putting Down Roots Conference?

Click here for the Putting Down Roots Conference Highlights!!!


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