MegMeg Stout, Chairman
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Meg Stout has been an officer in the Aquaponics Association since its founding in 2011, and succeeds founding Chairman, Gina Cavaliero.

Meg is a physicist specializing in hydrodynamics and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening in the popular Penguin series of books.



EVO2-181David Rosenstein,  Vice Chairman
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David Rosenstein, Founder Evo Farm LLC, is a producer, educator, consultant and product developer in the aquaponic space with a passion for social and environmental innovation around localized food systems.

David previously served as Chair West Region of the Aquaponics Association since its inception..



RobRob Torcellini, Treasurer
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Rob Torcellini is the owner of Bigelow Brook Farm in Eastford, Connecticut. Rob’s geodesic dome aquaponic greenhouse has been an inspiration for tens of thousands at his web4deb youtube channel.

Rob was previously the Regional Chair for the Northeastern United States.



AstridAstrid Hartleb, Secretary
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Astrid Hartleb is one of the founders of GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary in Cape Coral, Florida, a commercial aquaponics farm promoting aquaponics, homesteading and sustainable farming. The farm also includes pastured poultry, natural beekeeping and hands-on educational workshops.