MegMeg Stout, Chairman
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Meg Stout has been an officer in the Aquaponics Association since its founding in 2011, and succeeds founding Chairman, Gina Cavaliero.

Meg is a physicist specializing in hydrodynamics and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening in the popular Penguin series of books.



AstridAstrid Hartleb, Vice Chairperson
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Astrid Hartleb is one of the founders of GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary in Cape Coral, Florida, a commercial aquaponics farm promoting aquaponics, homesteading and sustainable farming. The farm also includes pastured poultry, natural beekeeping and hands-on educational workshops.

Astrid previously served as Aquaponics Association Secretary in 2013-2014.



EVO2-181David Rosenstein,  Treasurer
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David Rosenstein, Founder Evo Farm LLC, is a producer, educator, consultant and product developer in the aquaponic space with a passion for social and environmental innovation around localized food systems.

David previously served as Chair West Region of the Aquaponics Association since its inception..and as Vice Chair Pro Tem in 2014.



Sundown Hazen of School GrownSundown Hazen, Secretary

At the turn of the century, Sundown was a fine art student at San Jose State University,. Getting involved in social justice planned on founding a charter school. The school would have three components: technology, community, and gardening. In 2010, while researching curriculum ideas for the school, Sundown found a YouTube video of an IBC tote aquaponics system. The system seemed to lend itself well as a science demonstration, while simultaneously being an interesting garden. Once Sundown learned how productive aquaponics farming could be, his attention turned from starting a school, to starting an aquaponics farm.

Business school, and Pirate Produce, LLC.

After getting advice from two independent and trusted advisors, Sundown started a MeetUp group in the San Jose area.  The first event was a presentation Sundown made on aquaponics, proud to show off pictures of the IBC tote system he had recently assembled. The event had about 15 people gathered in a circle of chairs at the DeBug space in San Jose. Jon Parr was one of the attendees, and apparently his first MeetUp gathering. As Sundown flipped through the slides, Jon politely inserted his knowledge by challenging what Sundown was presenting. From there, Sundown acquired his first catfish from Jon, and began filming Jon’s Fishnet Aquaponics workshops.

The summer of 2013, Sundown attended the Aquaponics Association 2013 Conference. The experience created new connections to a large number of trailblazers in the aquaponics industry. This experience inspired Sundown to become more involved with the aquaponics community.

September, 2013 – Sundown becomes volunteer Treasurer of the Board, for Sustainable Community Gardens. A non-profit 11-acre educational farm at Peterson Middle School, in Sunnyvale, CA . Gaining experience in non-profit organizations, and managing a small local farm.

August, 2014, Sundown leaves a 10-year career at Apple as the Stanford Shopping Center Lead Genius, and joins Jon Parr to launch SchoolGrown. SchoolGrown is based in Half Moon Bay, CA. and dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture, savvy water use, and resource conservation through advocacy, education, research, and service.

In October, 2014 – at the Aquaponics Association Conference in San Jose, Ca, Sundown became Secretary of the Board for the Aquaponics Association.

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