Allied Aqua

We provide high quality equipment and supplies for aquaponics, aquaculture, aquarium, hydroponics and pond applications at affordable prices. Whether you need an air pump, a water pump, some fish food, a couple of air stones, some hard to find plumbing fittings, a bunch of uniseals or some live tilapia or other fish fingerlings — We’ve got it… and much, much more!

18120 Chianti Ct.
Smithville, MO 64089

Chris Consiglio, President
Tel: 816-659-2299






Aquaponic Solutions

At Aquaponic Solutions we specialize in the commercial aquaponics.Our Director, Wilson Lennard (PhD), is an Australian scientist with a PhD in Applied Biology, with a thesis topic specialising in the optimisation of commercial aquaponics systems. We have developed a unique predictive fish to plant ratio model and management system (SYMBIOPONICS) that enables us to calculate the number of plants that may be grown from a known number of fish. The SYMBIOPONICS method allows the aquaponic system to be managed and operated to a level which enables maximum efficiency in terms of both fish and plant yield.

7/2-4 First St
Blackrock, Victoria 3193

Dr Wilson Lennard
Cell: +61 409 542 621
Tel: 409542621






Aquaponic Lynxx LLC

8748 Guava St
Yalaha, FL 34797

Aleece B. Landis, Managing Member
Tel: 407-342-8515




Bigelow Brook Farm LLC

Bigelow Brook Farm produces product for the aquaponic and hydroponic markets which include expanded shale growing media and digital timers & controllers.

345 Westford Road
Eastford, CT 06242

Robert Torcellini
Tel: 860-821-0005






Bitponics is a device and a website that will simplify aquaponic gardening. You tell it about your setup and what plants you’re growing, and it provides you with a personalized growing plan that tells you how to achieve the best possible results. Sensors in your garden send readings to your account on the Bitponics website. The website then processes that information and sends notifications back to your device to control things such as pumps and lights. You can track your results and share your experiences with other users, so that we all help each other become better gardeners.

160 S 3rd St. Apt 15
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Michael Doherty
Tel: 310 926-4543



Bright Agrotech, LLC

We develop aquaponic technology that is simple and productive.  Our flagship product is hydroponic towers that increase production over horzontal systems by 3-10 times depending on crop.  We also are commercial growers and produce for our local area using AP techniques.  We have found that AP can be commercially competitive if practitioners are willing to embrace new technology and think about markets differently.

P.O. Box 1648
Laramie, WY 00013

Nate Storey, Owner
Tel: 308-249-2301






Brite Ideas Hydroponics & Organics

We are an urban garden supply focused on self sustainability

4201 S. Congress STE 310
Austin, TX 78745

Tel: 407-342-8515






Colorado Aquaponics

We build sustainable food production systems to grow healthy local food using aquaponics, the raising of fish and plants in zero waste re-circulating systems.
With over 30 years teaching experience, we deliver high quality educational programs for individuals, families and communities who want to take charge of their own food production.
Our research and consulting team provides business planning, risk analysis, design development and project management services for aquaponics systems at any scale.

1560 Glen Dee Dr.
Lakewood, CO 80215

JD Sawyer, President, CEO
Tel: 303-232-4938



Endless Food Systems

Endless Food is a manufacturer of ready to go plug & play aquaponic kits. We use high quality pumps and parts to insure a long life with a low probability for a mechanical failure. We also offer: Off-Grid solar kits, Thermosiphon Hot Water heaters to heat the fish tank and greenhouse and a Bio-Gas Digestion system to turn your plant waste into burnable gas. All kits ship via freight and come complete with clay pebbles, tank stands, owners manual and everything you need to get started. No drilling, cutting or trips to the hardware store.

1725 W. Williams Dr. Bld D-37
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Chad Hudspeth, President
Tel: 770-241-2029




Enlightened Aquaponics

Enlightened Aquaponics started as a laboratory to test and prove the viability of Aquaponics and has grown into a teaching and consulting platform for people interested in this amazing technology.  Our produce is sought after by chefs, health-conscious consumers and sold at our local markets and restaurants.  Having proven the concept to ourselves and the community, we are expanding our operations to provide commercial, home and school systems along with cutting edge state of the art know-how on all things Aquaponic.

757 SE 17th ST
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Collin, Doctor
Tel: 954-815-6346






EVO Farm

To cultivate resilient communities by producing high yields of produce that are distributed truly locally, using the latest technology, zero waste, minimal water while encompassing best practices in environmental stewardship with economic and social stability.

4338 Campbell Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

David Rosenstein
Tel: 310-200-8863



EzGro Garden

We bringing the benefits of high density vertical gardening to everyone, with complete kits that are simple to use. These garden kits let you grow like a pro, and almost anywhere, with less time, space and money.

233 Sand Hills Road
Red Rock, TX 78662

Larry Johnson
Tel: 512-800-8513




Forever Flowering Greenhouses, Aquaponics and Garden Supply

Forever Flowering Greenhouses, Aquaponics and Garden Supply, sells greenhouses and farm supplies to farmers concerned about the efficiency, sustainability and durability of the products they use. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California we offer a full array of greenhouses built to stand up to the strongest winds and the heaviest of snowfalls. Whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial farmer we can help you design a greenhouse system that will be the perfect home for your plants and fish to keep you farming year round. Our greenhouses are backed by decades of use and designed to work hard so you don’t have to.

15386 Little Valley Rd.
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Jonathan Valdman
Tel: 888-78-GHOUSE
Fax: 530-273-2354






GloDev Inc

GLODEV INC (Global Development) facilitates the transformation of whole communities in the poorest regions of the world through relief and development projects. GLODEV INC seeks out communities in the poorest regions of the world to partner and develop sustainable projects that empower the poor to provide a better life for their families.

PO Box 47228
Jacksonville, FL 32247

Tim Lovelace
Tel: 904-333-2080




Greenlife Aquaponics

We develop products for the aquaponic industry as a whole as well as provide aquaponic kits and supplies in the Houston area.
Our products include Fish Sweaters, a hot water heating system for fish tanks, and a general automation controller that monitors and maintains your system. The controller includes a comprehensive set of available sensors and programmable relays allow you to control your system in about any way imaginable. Data is optionally logged on the web where you can view your system status from anywhere on the internet, with automatic texting of any alarm conditions.

29508 Lazy Lane
Spring, TX 77386

Sandy Mathieu, President
Tel: 281-292-2177




Green Phoenix Farms

Green Phoenix Farms is a small aquaponic-based firm that focuses on providing the highest quality instruction on Aquaponic Systems. We also offer complete services regarding system design, construction, installation and ongoing maintainance.
If you have an interest in aquaponics, we are here to help you develop the solution that is best suited for your particular needs, goals, and budget

14441 Sunrose Ln.
Farmers Branch, TX 75234


Adam Cohen, Owner/Founder

David Cohen, Owner/Founder

Tel: 214-662-9767




HTH Engineering

HTH engineering is an international group of seasoned aquaculture and aquaponics consultants. We are hatchery and recirculating aquaculture systems experts and have provided planning, design and operational services on small, medium and large aquaponics projects.

3124 Creekview Road
Hiawassee, GA 30546

Paul Hundley, Aquacultural Engineer
Tel: 704-577-3574





The Hydrofloria is a 2.1 gallon Aquaponics system for inside the home, allowing people to start learning about Aquaponics while enjoying an attractive aquarium. The kit allows teaching of Aquaponics concepts through the hands on use of components. The rimless glass tank and stainless steel lid offer an attractive sleek look. Porous lava rock gravel, seeds, capillary plant grower baskets, fish food, water dechlorinator, beneficial bacteria, and supplemental fertilizer solutions are included.

8350 E Evans Road, Suite A3
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

John Simpson, Owner
Tel: 480-664-0088




Lakeway Tilapia

Lakeway Tilapia’s mission is to empower people with the knowledge and confidence that they need to be successful in both aquaponics and aquaculture. We pride ourselves at being accurate with every statement we make, and openly invite instructors and professionals to critique our site for accuracy. At our core, we are a hatchery. We sell tilapia fingerlings and breeder colonies.

236 Red Fox Lane
Rutledge, TN 37861

Mark Kehrli
Tel: 865-262-8289




Nor Cal Aquaponics

Nor Cal Aquaponics is one of, if not the first in the world to offer systems, trainings, knowledge and experience in a Permaculture based Aquaponics design methodology, we call Closed-Loop Aquaponics. We offer the most advanced, productive, and sustainable Aquaponics training and services available due to our experience and the unique next generation systems we design and construct! Come and see what makes our Closed-Loop approach so unique and see how we can help you make your Aquaponics projects more than just sustainable.

4651 Bear Canyon Road
Willits, CA 95490

Max Meyers
Tel: 707-841-7087




Professional Aquaculture Services (PAS)

Professional Aquaculture Services (PAS) is a full service aquaculture firm. For over 30 years we have been meeting the needs of the aquaculture industry with quality products and exemplary service. We specialize in a variety of services and products for fish farms, private lakes and ponds, aquaponics systems and federal and state projects.

3209 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95973

Tony Vaught
Tel: 530 343-0405




Sunland Water Gardens

For the last 55 years we have been a family business. We are aquatic pond plant growers. We sell everything having to do with ponds. I think it is a very close fit to incorporate aquaponic to to our vocabulary. We started three years ago with floating veggie island rings floating in customers ponds. Now we are selling complete systems helping people to enjoy organic veggies either floating on their pond or using it to filter their Koi ponds.

9948 Sunland Blvd
Sunland, CA 91350

Jacklyn Rodman, Owner
Tel: 818-353-5131






Verdant Efficient Farming

We develop high-yield and low-energy-cost solutions for growing natural healthy food by using cutting-edge information technologies.

P.O.BOX 203972
Austin, TX, 78720

George Zhang
Tel: 832-229-6183






Wadsworth Control Systems

Wadsworth is the oldest and most reliable environmental control company in North America. The company manufactures three product lines: climate controls, energy curtains and vent automation.

5541 Marshall St
Arvada, CO 80002

Patricia Dean, VP
Tel: 303-424-4461




Yep Yep Organic Farm


To create economically progressive and highly sustainable farms that produce high volumes of nutritious foods, heal the land, evolve the community and provide educational and employment opportunities for those in need.


To continually expand to meet many of the dietary, monetary, empowerment and inter-connectivity needs of our customers, employees and volunteers by increasing their capacity to support families, communities, land, water, air and themselves.

P.O. Box 12007
Eugene, OR 97440

Jason Waligoske, Founder
Tel: 541-914-0417



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