Individual Members

Both home gardeners and commercial growers are vital to helping the organization promote this incredibly beneficial method of sustainable food production. Our members are creating a world where aquaponics can benefit all—as consumers, investors and fellow growers.

  • Individual Members have one vote in Association elections as long as they are a a member in good standing (i.e. dues are paid up)
  • Individual Members agree to accept and support the Charter, Bylaws, Programs, Objectives and Policies of The Association
  • Individual Members must be people (not companies or organizations) who are at least 18 years of age.

Individual Members receive the following benefits for their $45 annual dues:

  • $45 off your registration fees to the annual Aquaponics Association Conference.
  • Access to the Aquaponics Association Community Site, where you can plan gatherings, get caught up on local news, and interact real-time with other Association members
  • A quarterly publication featuring articles from industry professionals and leaders with a Q & A section for members only. (Estimated First Publication Date – June, 2012)
  • Discounts to Affiliate Member owned businesses or suppliers.
  • Ability to apply to the Association as a Branch for funds to set up community projects and to promote aquaponics at community functions, events or school.
  • Lobbying at state and local levels for regulations that are more friendly to both commercial and home aquaponics. (for example, petitioning Fish and Wildlife departments that restrict tilapia to allow tilapia ownership without a permit if fewer than 100 fish are held and changes to the Food Safety regulations to encompass the nuances of aquaponic farming)
  • Local meetings, social gatherings, and other forms of outreach for Aquaponics Association members.




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