Member Resources

Aquaponics Association Brochures

Now members can really help with the Association’s mission of outreach and education by introducing this great way to grow food to future aquapons. Perhaps you are considering setting up a table at your county fair or a vendor booth at your local market and would like some aquaponic literature to hand out.  No problem!  Request some AA provided brochures from your Branch or Regional Chair. These beautiful, double-sided, full color brochures have great aquaponic information and are a terrific way to help introduce people to aquaponics and the Association.

How do you get some?

Click here to Request Brochures via eMail.  Please allow a few weeks for processing and shipping to your location. The Aquaponics Association will cover all shipping costs.  


Aquaponics Association Banners

Members and Branches can request an Aquaponics Association banner to proudly display at approved AA events for the purpose of promoting aquaponics and the association. These banners are available for a period of two weeks and must be reserved in advance once the event is approved.

How do you request 2014 AA banner?

Click here to Request Banner via eMail. Shipping will be covered by the AA.



Aquaponics Association “Introduction to Aquaponics” PowerPoint presentation and handouts

Use these AA generated and Association Adviser approved PowerPoint presentations at schools, garden groups, Rotary club presentations, wherever. Simply downloasd the PP file and print out the handout pdf’s and you will have a professional aquaponic presentation that you can present as an Aquaponics Association member.

More details coming soon!


Aquaponics Association Micro Grant Program

Click information about Micro Grants to learn more about this program and how you and the Aquaponics Association can help promote aquaponics through education and outreach.